Halifax W1107 – 9 July 1942

The Aircraft
The Handley Page Halifax W1107 MK II was one of a batch of 181 aircraft that were delivered between 24 April 1942 and 22 May 1942. The registration DY-D (102 Squadron) was used for the Handley Page Halifax R9532 MK II. That plane crashed on landing at RAF Dalton after being hit by FLAK over Essen during the raid of 2-3 June 1942. Almost the same crew flew W1107 on 9 July 1942.

The Crew
Captain of the crew was F/S B.J. Treloar (404268 RAAF). More information on him is found on http://www.yorkshire-aircraft.co.uk/aircraft/yorkshire/york42/r9532.html
The other members were F/S D.B. Patterson ( R/71614 RCAF), Sergeant J. Powell (623638 RAF), Sergeant L. Williams (620603 RAF ), Sergeant A.G. Frampton (1251802 RAF) and Sergeant A.G. Parrott (650499 RAF)

The Mission
The aircraft took off from RAF Topcliffe at 00.10 on 9 July 1942. Target that night was Wilhelmshaven.

Their Fate
The aircraft was attacked by a German night-fighter and the succeeding fire caused the crew to abandon the aircraft. Burning the Halifax came down in the mudflats in front of the sea dike at the Westpolder of Eenrum. The aircraft sank in the mud and was not recovered.
Brian Treloar and Jack Powell came down by parachute on the land of farmer P. Van Hoorn in nearby Pieterburen and they managed to slip him a piece of paper with their names on it before they were taken captive by the Germans.
Patterson, Williams and Frampton also managed to get out safely and all 5 were POW’s until the end of the war. Sergeant A.G. Parrott lost his life in the crash and is commemorated in Runnymede (panel 91).

Letter by the mayor of Ulrum Letter B