Between September 1939 and May 1945 over 6000 airplanes were lost over Holland. Those who lost their lives in these incidents were often not identified, buried anonymously and thus denying loved ones a place to visit. This is especially the case for those who came down around the Dutch Wadden islands. A safer route to the targets in Northern Germany but limited chances for survival if something went wrong.

This site is dedicated to the men who lost their lives when crashing down at sea. During my research into the wartime cemetery at Rottumeroog I discovered that the modern era has opened up a lot of possibilities to find out more about the fate of these men and maybe even enables us to identify some that are buried as ‘known unto God’.

The story of Wellington R3202 added

This Wellington has long been thought to have crashed into the Waddenzee of the Island of Rottumeroog. The researchgroup has found many documents that show that the crew made a controlled ditching and travelled in their dinghy towards the Dutch coast. Also the possible resting place of the two members officially still Missing in Action now seems to be documented.

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The story of Halifax W1107 added

Today the first story of an aircraft is added to the website. Halifax W1107 crashed close to sea dike in Eenrum. Five of its crew managed to get out safe but Sergeant A.G. Parrott lost his life in this crash. His body was never recovered and he is commemorated at Runnymede.

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Website online

After some hard work lostoverholland.nl is brought online. Over the next months the available information will be published here

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